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Brittany Greer, DDS, Smile Enhancement Specialist

Brittany Greer’s goal is to provide each of her patients with satisfactory treatment,

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Our focus is to bring our patients the most information concerning their dental treatment plans. We know you need and deserve to make the most educated decision for your future. We always say the worst question is the one that is not being asked! If you have any questions, concerns or obstacles we welcome you to reach out to us and give us the opportunity to bring light to your request. The highest quality of patient care is our top priority and we could not achieve our goals if your questions or concerns are not taken care of. Call our office today and schedule some quality time with our team so we can get acquainted with you and your dental goals.

I really can’t answer for your former dentist, but I can tell you we have learned so much about gum disease over the past 5 years or so. Now we are able to diagnose the gum disease and help patients get it under control so that they can keep their teeth. The truth is, you have gum disease and fortunately, we found it and we can treat the disease for you.

Actually no. It’s a fairly common misconception about gums George. Can you imagine how fast people would run to the ER if they were bleeding from their eye or ear, and yet their gums bleed and they think it’s normal.

The truth is, bleeding gums are likely signs of gum disease. Once your gums are healthy again, you should be able to thoroughly brush and floss without any bleeding at all.

Gum disease is similar to High Blood Pressure or diabetes. You can go a long time having those problems without any symptoms. By the time you feel pain, your teeth could be loose.

Fortunately, we caught your gum disease at an early stage where we can get it under control but like HBP and diabetes, we really cannot “cure” gum disease. We can get it under control, and by “we” I mean you and I working together.

If we work together, we can keep it under control. It’s a situation you’re probably going to be dealing with for the rest of your life.

You’re right, that tooth was filled a long time ago and back then it was a very large filling. Now it’s worn down and has weakened what was left of your tooth. I can already see crack lines in the tooth and that means there is a good chance it’s going to break at some point in the future.

If you wait for it to break and it breaks vertically along the root, you will lose the tooth. You will end up paying 3 times as much after you have the extraction and get a three-unit bridge. It’s not a question of what to do with the tooth, but when to do it. The smart thing to do is get a crown now!

That’s impossible to say. It’s like asking how long a car will last. Is the car driven by a crazy teenager who never lifts up the hood, or is it driven by a grandma who regularly changes the oil and only takes it to church on Sundays? It’s the same thing with dental work, the better you take care of it; the longer it lasts.